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1934 RILEY MPH Y3-3

1934 RILEY MPH Y3-3

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Issued 1974


This extremely good looking car with its flared mudwings and convex tail which held little more than a spare wheel is a particular favourite amongst Riley enthusiasts. The car with its 6 cylinder 1500cc engine which Riley introduced in 1933 could reach a genuine 85mph plus and handled beautifully into the bargain.

The 1934 Riley MPH Y-3/3 was produced from 1974 to 1979 in 1:35 scale. It is seen here in blue.

This model is a C9 near mint version with silver radiator and white seats.  The box has a staple on one side making it Very Good C8.

Please see pictures.

This is the box and model criteria we use:

  • C10 – Mint, no signs of play wear.
  • C9 – Near Mint, hardly any evidence of play wear.
  • C8 – Minor play wear shows but still very presentable.
  • C7 – Average play wear, includes chipping & paint wear.
  • C6 – Heavy play wear, car has excessive chipping but no damage.
  • C5 – Trashed, these are for the kids.

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